Sony May Manufacture Windows Phone Handsets In The Coming Days

When it comes to smartphones, Sony has rooted for Android till the deep end. Despite no significant success, Sony continues to create Android-based handsets. But the company has now hinted that it may try its hands at other alternatives.

Sony May Manufacture Windows Phone Handsets

In today’s rapidly growing and evolving smartphone arena, smartphone manufacturers know that putting all their eggs in one basket isn’t exactly a great strategy. It is good if the company in question is among the top five manufacturers but if that’s not happening, the company needs to diversify and reach out to other mobile platforms.

And this probably is what Sony has planned to do. The company has long been trying to gain a foothold in the Android market but it has been unable to grab a significant market share. Now, reports have it that Sony may soon dish out its own Windows Phone handsets too. This will pit Sony directly against the likes of Nokia.

The reported strategy of the company was also affirmed by the Sony Mobile head for Europe, Pierre Perron, “We don’t want to be a single OS manufacturer.” The strategy certainly makes sense although it remains to be seen how successful Sony will be in the Windows Phone arena.

Currently, Nokia is the leading Windows Phone vendor and the company packs some fine hardware in its top-end smartphones. Sony, too, is known for superior hardware as well as excellent smartphone designs. Moreover, since the Windows Phone vendor space is not too crowded yet, Sony may have a shot at significant success.

Courtesy: Ubergizmo

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