Survey: 71% Consumers Would Never Buy A BlackBerry

Research firm Raymond James has applied “a novel way of polling consumer sentiment in the smartphone market.” Instead of asking what handset the consumers prefer, the firm asked which handset they wouldn’t use ever. The results are pretty interesting.

Blackberry's 'Takeover' Ad (Seen On iPhone) - 5

Along with typical questions like what features would make the respondents to buy a new iPhone or Android or BlackBerry, the survey questionnaire also offered the option of choosing which device the respondents would never use.

Of the 250 respondents, 71 percent said they’d never purchase a BlackBerry. The percentage of iPhone and Android haters was relatively small. About 31 percent said they’d never buy an Android, and only 20 percent said they’d never use an iPhone.

The survey was conducted between March 14 and March 26.

Thanks to: AllThingsD

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