T-Mobile Announces ‘Zero Dollars Down For All Devices’ Summer Deal

T-Mobile has perked up the interests of the customers by unveiling an ‘unparalleled promotion’ that will essentially allow users to get any device in the company’s product line-up for a down payment of $0. However, customers will be required to make monthly payments which will be higher than usual.

T-Mobile deals

The promotion is certainly unlike any that has been offered by any telecom company in the past. Starting from July 27th, you can walk into any of T-Mobile’s retail locations and get your hands on any product in the huge line-up offered by the company, for free.

This makes things easier for such users who don’t have enough cash to shell out for a down payment. The deal helps them get the product by paying nothing and then dish out monthly payments, which are rather smaller sums. However, the monthly payments will be more than what T-Mobile customers conventionally pay.

For instance, in the case of iPhone 5, T-Mobile customers usually make a $145.99 down payment, together with $21 monthly payments for 24 months. With the new promotion, customers can have the handset for $0 down payment, but will be required to pay $27 per month for 24 months.

So essentially, T-Mobile isn’t exactly losing any money here, but has wrapped the deal in a candy paper for the customers. Naturally, countless users will be enticed by the mere fact that the down payment is $0. It makes things particularly easy for such users who wish to switch handsets, but don’t want to pay a lump sum.

Courtesy: TMO News

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