Techberry Wrist Phone

Techberry has launched a new wrist phone. The new Techberry Wrist phone is bundled with some truly phone features. The new Techberry Wrist phone is powered by a MTK processor and runs on a normal operating system.

General Information
The mobile phone type of this Techberry Wrist Phone is bracelet type watch phone. It has a weight of 60g g. It is a really light mobile phone. Dimensions of this mobile phone are around 50.838.1. The battery power of Techberry Wrist Phone which is provide a talk-time up to 1.5 hours.

Screen details
Display type of Techberry Wrist Phone is 1.5 Inches, Full Touch LCD Screen. This model comes with camera of 1.2 Mega Pixels Camera with an image resolution of 1280.0 X 1024.0 Pixels and a digital zoom of Digital Zoom

Data & Connectivity
In terms of connectivity the Techberry Wrist Phone is not compatible with 3G. This model supports bluetooth. This model does not support GPRS. This model does not support EDGE. This model supports Wi-Fi.

The new Techberry Wrist phone comes in tow color options i.e Black, and Brown. But sadly there is no information on price of the new Techberry Wrist phone.


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