Verizon Brings Three New Droid Smartphones Ahead of Moto X Launch

We’ve reported about Verizon’s press event on July 23 to announce new devices. The carrier has unveiled lots of new gears at the event, along with the three new Motorola Droid smartphones. Verizon’s event was held in Lincoln Center in New York City yesterday, the press got the first look at Motorola’s new Droid lineup.


Three new Motorola Droid handsets were announced yesterday, about which we reported earlier. Among these three, the Droid Ultra is superthin, the Droid Maxx packs a large battery and the Droid mini is the compact one. The Ultra and Maxx come with 5-inch, 720p OLED display. The Mini packs a 4.3-inch LCD display, and also supports 720p.

These Droid phones seems to pack a feature similar to Moto X’s touchless control. Users are able to shake hands to turn on the display and jump straight into the camera app.

The devices look pretty good with the rugged Kevlar jacket and 10 MP camera, which also allow users to capture 1080p video. The old Droid Maxx is only 9.3 mm thick and had a massive battery that lasted 32 hours. The new Droid Maxx is significantly thinner at 8.5 mm and has a whopping 48 hour battery life. The only difference between the two phones is a single millimeter of difference due to Maxx’s big battery.


According to Motorola, these three phones have 24 percent faster CPU, 100 percent faster GPU and double the RAM of their predecessors. All these devices pack the Motorola X8 Mobile Computing System, which is a new octa-core chip made of two app processor cores, a quad-core graphics processor, a contextual computing core and a natural language core.

The price of the Droid mini will be just $99, the Droid Ultra $199 and the Droid Maxx $199. But keep one thing in mind, the Moto X has been rumored to be as cheap as $199 off-contract, and is expected to be released on August 1 on all major carriers.

We came to know all the Droids will come with online game Ingress pre-loaded, and all new owners will get six months free Google Music All Access passes. If you pre-order any of the new Droids now, it is expected to shipped in by August 20.

Source: The Verge

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