Verizon May Release Moto X On August 23

Motorola declared that it will release its Moto X smartphone on Aug 1 in NYC. Although it was mentioned that Canada based Rogers Wireless will carry the Moto X on its network, there was no mention which carriers will carry the phone in the U.S. However, lately a rumor is swirling around that Verizon may release Moto X on August 23 on its network.

Motorola Moto X

It is not unknown that Moto X will have a discreet notification system called ‘Active Updates’. That means the Moto X will display notifications on the screen which users will be able to ignore or take care of straight away. The phone will also have improved camera feature. The camera will have a burst mode function in order to take multiple shots by simply holding your finger down on the screen. Users will have the ability to launch the camera quickly by twisting their wrist twice and they don’t need to slide anything or select any icon.

In addition, Moto X will also have magic glass, laminated aluminum structure and dual LTE MIMO smart antennas. On the other hand, a leaked video hints that this phone will have always on voice command feature.

Stay with us, because Motorola is all set to hold the Moto X event in New York City.

Source: Ubergizmo

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