webOS 2.0 coming to all Palm devices

Josh Marinacci has said on stage at webOS Developer Days that webOS 2.0 coming to all Palm hardware devices in the coming months……

At the WebOS Developer Days, Palm’s Developer Advocate Josh Marinacci said that “all” Palm devices would be getting WebOS 2.0 “in the coming months.” So that means anyone with a Palm Pre, Pixi or the Plus versions of either phone. The time frame isn’t exactly specific, but it’s at least better than nothing. Hopefully Palm learned from Android that these updates need to come relatively quickly before developers and users start complaining about fragmentation.Strangely, while there are devices shipping with WebOS 2.0, and the updated OS is coming to other devices soon, the SDK is still in beta under NDA. It should be available to the public by the time the OTA comes around, which seems weird. Then again, Apple puts iOS updates updates in beta before release, but all you need to do is pay the fee to get access, rather than apply for the Early Access Program like HP requires.


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