Purported Images Of A White Nexus 4 Spotted

Seems a white version of Nexus 4 could debut at Google I/O 2013. We got to see the device from Ervin Sue, who posted images of the device on Google+. He posted some pictures of a white Nexus 4 that he claimed to have bought from a “local buy and sell website”.


The image shows a Nexus 4 with a white back cover that holds the same sparkly pixelated pattern. The images show only the sides and rear of the device being white; the front is the same old black.

Sue did not reveal on which site he bought the device, and how much he paid for it. Some are expecting if Google do not release any new version of Nexus smartphone at I/O 2013, then it may come up with a white model that might feature a Snapdragon 600 processor and LTE support with old design. But, we’re skeptic about such rumors, and think that the white Nexus 4 is just a third-party modification.

Source: Ubergizmo

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