White Nokia Lumia 900 Accidentally Leaked

A lot of users as well as reviewers had expressed their wish for a white Nokia Lumia 900. While officially, Nokia announced only a black version of the device, pictures of a white version of Nokia Lumia 900 have leaked to the internet, by Nokia itself. Whereas these pics have been pulled offline now, users are quite hopeful that there may be a white edition of the device, after all.

The picture was initially leaked on Nokia’s conversation blog as well as on the official Facebook page on Nokia. It seems, however, that the pics had been uploaded by mistake. They were quickly taken off from both places.

By now, the picture has been captured by a number of sites and so, is public. It shows a Lumia device with an exposed micro-USB port and a front camera. These features confirm that it is a Nokia Lumia 900. While we are not sure why Nokia is hushing up the entire thing so much, having pulled images from both sources, we certainly can now hope that there will be a white edition of Nokia Lumia 900 upon it’s launch which is expected in March this year.

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