Yota Devices Shows Off Remarkably Innovative Two-Screen Phone

We have all seen, dismissed and even scorned at the notion of two-screen phones which have been created by notable vendors in the past, only to be deemed failures. Yota Devices now intends to change it by redefining a two-screen phone; the company is showing off a phone which has a screen on both sides of the device!

Yota Devices

The front screen looks like a normal screen, much like any Android smartphone’s display. However, what is extra-ordinary is the fact that the back of the device also holds another display. This second display is different from the front display in that it uses e-ink and thus, is highly power-efficient.

Speaking about this excellent idea, CEO of Yota Devices, Vladislav Martynov says that people often wish to keep a continuous eye on their alerts, upcoming engagements and different other kinds of updates. This is not offered by the regular smartphone display because the display has to go off sooner or later to avoid draining all the battery.

However, Martynov says, the same is not the case with the e-ink display. E-ink display tweaks the voltages behind the screen to display an image. Once the image is produced, it stays there without making use of any additional battery power. So if a user wishes to keep his updates and alerts in front of him at all times, he can simply take a screen-grab of the main display, which can be done with the help of a single button on the front display, and then have this screen-grab displayed on the backside of the device, on the e-ink display.

Martynov cites yet another, very practical, example. Suppose you are looking for directions on Google Maps and need to reach somewhere soon. However, suddenly you realize that your device’s battery is about to die. Now if you have the two-screen device that Yota Devices has envisioned, you simply take a screenshot of the main display and have it displayed on the e-ink screen. The front display goes off, the back display keeps showing you the directions without consuming considerable energy and you are able to reach the destination before your smartphone runs out of power.

Without a doubt, this two-screen phone is certainly a treat to behold and for all the practical reasons, it may finally succeed where all other two-screen phones have failed in the past.

Source: BBC

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