Netflix is Coming to Android Phone

Netflix is working on a streaming video application for smartphones running Google’s Android operating system, a Netflix employee and online job listing have each confirmed…..

Netflix has posted two job listings on its website so far this summer, both seeking Android developers. The current listing is titled “Android Video Playback Expert,” and begins, “Netflix is looking for a great engineer to help us build Instant Streaming client implementations on Android devices.”Netflix is looking for someone with at least 10 years of development experience, who has already implemented video playback in an Android application. It also names two notable pluses: experience with digital rights management (DRM) and “Experience with other mobile application platforms (e.g. iPhone/iPad).” The second of those would seem to imply that Netflix will use its previous work creating Watch Instantly streaming apps for the iPad and iPhone as a basis for the Android app.

As The Next Web notes, there is already an unofficial Netflix app for Android phones, but it leaves a lot to be desired because it eats up your handset’s battery and displays a lot of ads, so an official app would be very welcome.As if the job advert weren’t enough, a user claiming to be a Netflix employee posted the following comment in a thread on social news site Reddit: “I just know we’re actively hiring Android devs. I wish I knew more about a timeframe for you. Good things come to those who wait. Netflix is essentially a tech company and with the way Android is blowing up it would be stupid of us to ignore that.”Since Netflix is still looking for a senior architect for the application, it stands to reason that it’s a ways off. The employee on Reddit seems to imply that as well. Do you think the app will be worth the wait?


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  1. Dorai54

    Do u have a choice but to wait

  2. Iceman241st

    They really got to get this done. I problay will switch to the iphone when verizon gets it if netflix is not running by then.

  3. Justin

    Mark our words… If Netflix doesn’t make an app for all android phones 2.2 or greater… We will make one for them…and they wont like how we do it… =)

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  5. Marcoortega811

    I’m prob. SWITCHING to iPhone which I hate but netflix app is worth it

  6. Offline

    Totally agree!
    Android is here to stay just as GOOGLE is.

  7. Christopher Gaytan

    I dont like apple……….Im patient…….

  8. Tashish1980

    I’m anxiously waiting on this!!

  9. Tashish1980

    I’m anxiously waiting on this!!

  10. HTC Fan #1

    If Netflix doesn’t get it’s APP out quick some other company will launch one and sink Netflix ship faster than the Titanic.

  11. Mojossz

    was going to get HTC but had to back out coz they don’t support netflix app. gotta have my netflix!

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