New Featured List of Apple iPad 2

China’s Economic Daily News was the first media agency to leak accurate information on the current iPad.According to them Apple iPad 2 will feature two cameras, one on the back and one on the front – for Face time. It will also have a retina display screen and bow to peer-pressure to include a very welcome USB port.

So here are the five new features you can expect from the iPad 2.

1.Apple iPad 2 Video Phone – Apple iPad 2 adds the video phone, it means that it will has two cameras in the back and the front.
2.Apple iPad 2 Better Mobility – The iPad is really a light tablet, then the iPad 2 will have a lighter body. The screen will be reduced, and the display panel will be more thin.
3.Apple iPad 2 USB Port – A USB connection so you don’t have to use Apple’s proprietary standard.
4.Apple iPad 2 New Display Technology – Retina display is coming.
5.Apple iPad 2 3-axis Gyroscopes – 3-axis gyroscope for improved gaming. This feature is in the iPhone already.

At this time it’s still unclear on when the iPad 2 will be released but if we had to give an educated guess we would put it in early 2011 (April to May), this is also around the same time that Blackberry is likely to launch their Playbook tablet. This could spark off the 2011 tablet wars much like the current one between the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tablet.


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