Samsung’s 3D Glasses Worn Upside Down Works With Any 3DTV

3DTV has faced criticism from consumers due to the fact that glasses from one manufacturer is incompatible with a 3DTV from another manufacturer. Now Samsung has revealed that their 3D glasses will work on any 3DTV, provided you wear the glasses upside down. A look at the man in the photo suggests this will make you look silly, but hey, you now have universal 3D glasses.

It was revealed during a demonstration of Samsung’s 3DTVs in the UK, with R&D chief Simon Lee using a Panasonic 3DTV to explain the compatibility to Home Cinema Choice.

“I think that it’s likely that the different manufacturers will come together, possibly as early as next year, to agree a common standard for Active Shutter glasses,” Lee said—which won’t thrill the early adopters who’ve already taken advantage of Samsung and Panasonic’s quick production-line-to-store-shelves moves.

The trick will only work on sets that use Active Shutter glasses, and so far Home Cinema Choice has only tried it out with Samsung and Panasonic’s sets.

Source: Gizmodo.

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  1. Liam

    They should have a 2-way switch on each pair of LC shutter glasses to flip the alternation so that instead of turning the glasses upside-down or right-side-up, you just flip the switch.

  2. Onelegout

    If you’ve only tried it on two brands, One of which is the glasses brand, it’s not really ‘any 3d tv’ is it!!!

  3. Gogul1

    Samsung have screwed their existing customer base as I cannot get old IR glasses anymore. I can’t use the new ones either. Thanks samsung you really are a bunch of idiots!

  4. Robertmckiethomson

    I agree. I have the same problem. Bought a 3d tv last year and already out of date as new glasses won’t work.

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