Samsung BX2350 and BX2335 1080p monitors

Continues the revolution at home LED Samsung’s innovative technology also landed on the monitors and TV monitors, for a total viewing experience without precedent in environmental and energy conservation. With the new monitor series 70 (PX2370, XL2370) that also includes the TV monitor (XL2270HD and XL2370HD), series 50 (BX2450) and Series 30 (BX2035, BX2235 and BX2335), Samsung expands its offer with a range dedicated to technology LEDs outlining the new boundaries of visual communication on the display…….

We’ve always been fairly fond of Samsung’s Touch of Color design scheme, so we’re glad to see it’s still firmly in place on the company’s new “eco-friendly” LED displays. The outfit’s debuting its 50 and 30 series panels today, with the BX2350 and BX2335 both offering a 2ms response time, 1080p resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio and a rather unique new feature called Magic Return.

These monitors, with a unique design that can enhance any home or business, feature the exceptional image quality and features of eco-compatibility. All new LED display, to ensure you the ultimate viewing experience and avoid eye strain, have the function Magic Angle to select the best viewing angle monitor angles default 5 seconds through the remote control or function keys to obtain the best possible viewing of images. With a resolution of 1920 x 1080p full HD and a response time to 2ms, then the images are as real as never before.

Another differentiator of the new monitor series 70, 50 and 30 is the most eco-friendly. The presence of LED technology, in fact, provides an energy savings of approximately 40% compared to traditional LCD monitors. The presence of functionality Magic Echo can then choose from four options to save energy by giving users the possibility to set the percentage of energy savings (100%, 75%, 50% off).

In addition to the functions and Magic Magic Angle Echo, these devices integrate additional options that make the user more immersive viewing experience. They are the only monitor on the market to support the sRGB 100 for a quality of color display unprecedented. sRGB 100 allows, in fact, a faithful reproduction of the image quality of notebooks, cameras or projectors. The monitors also come with software Magic Lux that adjusts the brightness of the monitor according to the lighting instantly retrieve all images and content on a dual view display when one of the monitor is turned off.

Housed in an ultra thin glossy black, this monitor is renowned for its elegance and sophisticated crystal effect of the external frame.Studied in more detail is characterized by the back cover effect ‘Graffiti’ and the chrome stand that makes this monitor a true design object.Featuring 16:9 Full HD display is optimized for the Microsoft Windows platform 7.

Monitors LED 30 series are distinguished by the wide screen full HD available in three sizes: 20 “(BX2035), 21.5 (BX2235) and 23 (BX2335). The black enamel frame, enhanced by nuances mystic brown adds elegance to these screens can give a touch of class to any environment.

The function keys, highlighted by a delicate white light can be activated with the simple touch of your fingers, blend in perfectly attractive lines of the frame.

Put simply, this allows users working with two monitors to have their desktop automatically moved to a powered-on screen if one screen happens to shut down — Sammy doesn’t mention if both monitors have to be in this new series, but we suspect those details (along with price and availability dates) will seep out soon.


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