77% US And Canadian Tablet Web Traffic Comes From iPad

The tablet market in North America has rapidly expanded in size over the past two years. Despite this market-wide growth, iPad continues to be the dominant brand, commanding 77% of all tablet web traffic in US and Canada.

North American tablet market share

Apple has taken a few hits and iPad market share has dipped in North America over the past one year. However, it continues to be the most popular tablet by a huge margin. It is pertinent to note this in the context of greater penetration of the tablets in the North American region. An increasingly larger number of users today wield tablets in U.S. and Canada.

And despite the cut-throat competition, Apple has been able to keep the upper hand. Samsung has managed some success, reaching 8.3% of the market share in 2014 from its 4.7% in 2013. Amazon, surprisingly, has lost its share by a small margin, going down to 6.1% this year from 7.4% back in 2013.

North American year-over-year tablet market growth

Others in the market such as Google and Microsoft continue to exist but they have witnessed little growth and are far from being successful tablet brands. Google’s market share, for instance, stands at 2.2% right now in North America while Microsoft owns a meager 1.6%. Samsung is the only company which has been able to produce a solid and visible year-over-year growth of the market share, despite the greater penetration. This may hint that the Korean electronics giant is finally rising to the challenge and posing a competition, even if very tiny, to Apple’s dominion in the arena.

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