American Tablet Shipment May Exceed Laptop Shipments This Quarter

The immense popularity of the mobile devices in recent years has spelled doom for more conventional computing devices. Users increasingly prefer tablets and smartphones over PCs, laptops or other bulkier machines. According to a new forecast, tablet shipments will exceed laptop shipments in North America during Q4, 2012.


The forecast has been announced by Richard Shim of NPD DisplaySearch. According to Shim, the total volume of tablet shipments in North America during the fourth quarter is expected to be 21.5 million units. In contrast, the expected laptop shipments during the same time are expected to be around 14.6 million units.

In other words, tablet shipments would exceed laptop shipments by nearly 6 million units! This marks the first time that laptop shipments have lost to tablet shipments in North America. But it is manifest of a trend that we may soon see in other parts of the world too.

Tablet sales have dramatically increased as multiple vendors have hit the market, offering more affordable tablets without compromising quality. These include the likes of Amazon with its Kindle Fire line and Google with its Nexus 7.

The availability of so many options have ensured that consumers are able to get a tablet of their liking within the price range they can afford. Moreover, the extra-ordinary sales that were experienced during Black Friday will also tilt the scales in favor of the tablets.

According to Shim, “This Black Friday and the shopping season to follow will be the fuel to stoke the demand. The $199 price point has increasingly become the target to match or beat with the introductions of Google’s $199 Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire 7.”

Courtesy: Tom’s Hardware

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