And Here’s A Third JailBreak For The New iPad From Chpwn And Pheonixdev

It is pretty astonishing to notice that with barely hours into the actual launch and availability of the new iPad, it has been jailbroken already! And even mind-blowing is this piece of news that not one, or two, but three methods have been devised so far to accomplish this. Like we reported earlier, i0nc has already posted images of his jailbroken new iPad; the second on the list was iPhone-Dev Team. And now, two notable iOS hackers, Chpwn and Pheonixdev have accomplished the feat through a third method!

Grant Paul, who is otherwise known as Chpwn in the iOS community, and Paul Griffin, who goes by the name of Pheonixdev online, are two very well-known iOS hackers. They aren’t much behind the other two sources who were able to accomplish jailbreak on the new iPad. Being third on the list, they have likewise posted images of the jailbroken new iPad online.

Chpwn tweeted about it from his Twitter account, “Jailbroken iPad (3), using a different method by myself and @phoenixdev

He then appended along three images which can be viewed here, here and here.

Given the pace at which jailbreaks for the new iPad are rolling out, we can hope we will soon have one publicly available.

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