Apple Ready To Refund Australian Users For Misleading 4G Marketing

Apple has come under fire over allegations that the company misled the users by plastering the 4GĀ monikerĀ all over the new iPad’s marketing campaign whereas in reality, the new iPad supports 4G connectivity only in North America. While there are news that authorities in Sweden and UK may launch investigations into this, the company has agreed to refund the users in Australia.

The concerns over Apple’s allegedly misleading 4G marketing of the new iPad was brought into the notice of Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. The Commission then consulted Apple Australia over these concerns and now, the company has agreed to refund such users who have been ‘misled’ by the 4G feature of the new iPad.

The company has sent over an email to all such users who purchased the new iPad in Australia and has offered them a refund if they want so. While that may satiate the frustration of many, Apple still needs to look into the fact that the new iPad supports 4G networks only in American and some regions of Canada and its inability to connect to 4G networks elsewhere in the world is a serious limitation on the tablet.

Apple will also be careful about its marketing strategies as a result of this and will be more explicit in letting the users know whether or not the 4G connectivity feature is available in their particular region.

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