RadTech RadSleevz for iPad

RadTech’s new RadSleevz for iPad, available for US$24.95.It is the perfect example of MacBook models.

Some MacBook models are made of a micro-fiber material called Optex, which has a nice, almost flannel feel to it but is much tougher. Optex is a wonderfully soft material and doesn’t scratch.

Optex is the same material being used in the RadSleevz sleeve case for iPad, although it appears that the RadSleevz material is thicker than that used for the ScreenSaverz. Like the ScreenSaverz, RadTech ships the RadSleevz in plastic tubes.

The RadSleevz are quite simple, but do their job well. You simply stretch the material a tiny bit and then pull the sleeve onto the iPad, and your device is protected.

It takes just a second to pull off the RadSleevz. There’s just enough stretchiness to the material that it fits very snugly and won’t slip off of the iPad. While the act of “dressing” your iPad with the RadSleevz won’t clean your iPad screen, the material does a remarkably good job of working as a screen wipe. You can also use one of RadTech’s other iPad products, the ClearCal Protective Film ($19.95, in clear or anti-glare versions) to cut down on the oil deposits and finger smudging common with daily iPad use.

RadSleevz doesn’t add a lot of bulk to an iPad, unlike some of the silicone sleeves or the Apple case. I’ve had issues putting my iPad into the iPad-friendly pocket of my SCOTTEVEST Pack Windbreaker, since the Apple case I normally use adds just enough width to make it impossible to go into the pocket. With the RadSleevz installed, the iPad slips right in.


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