Apple Removes Liquid Contact Indicators From iPad 2

According to 9to5Mac report, Apple is no longer using Liquid Contact Indicators in its latest iPad. This makes sense because these sensors have not been all that reliable and subject to a lot of false positives from something as mundane as sweat.

It’s mostly unknown why Apple removed the LCIs from the iPad 2, but it could be that LCIs are not very reliable in telling of water damage especially in humid or winter environments.

For reference, brief warranty details from the Apple Genius Database are listed below:

iPad 1:

Liquid Contact Indicators

The iPad warranty excludes coverage for damage caused by liquid. To help determine if an iPad has been in contact with liquid, two liquid contact indicators (LCIs) are installed on the iPad at the following locations: • At the bottom of the headphone jack• In the 30-pin connector port (requires holding the product at a 45 degree angle to view)Use a lighted otoscope to look into the headphone jack and 30-pin connector slot for activated LCIs. They turn red on contact with liquid.

iPad 2

check sim card tray for corrosion

So, for those that use your iPads in the washroom, you can now rest assured with this change to LCIs in to iPad 2.


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