Apple Tablets Are The Consumer Favorite For 2012 Holiday Season

The winter holiday season is just around the corner. Every year, the holiday season marks the greatest sales made by tech giants. This year is no different. According to a recent survey, a majority of users are gearing up to purchase Apple’s iPad mini and other Apple tablets as gifts this year.

iPad mini

During the holiday season, vendors also tend to lower their price points to entice more users and bolster their overall sales. However, we’re not so sure if Apple may do so. Nonetheless, a majority of the users still tend to prefer Apple’s products over those of other vendors in the technology arena.

PriceGrabber recently did a survey which involved 1,475 U.S. users. 59% of these respondents cited that they would prefer to get a tablet as a gift rather than a laptop or a computer. 63 percent specifically hailed iPad 3 or iPad 4 as the perfect gift this holiday season.

Not surprisingly, iPad mini also has a huge fan-following as is evident from the survey’s results. 24 percent of those surveyed said that they would like iPad mini as a gift more than anything else. Samsung’s Galaxy Note was preferred by another 22% as the best gift whereas 20% went for Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD.

When asked specifically as to which low-priced tablet would they prefer to buy during the 2012 holiday season, 45% picked iPad mini while Google Nexus 7 was further down at 19%.

According to the vice president of marketing at, Rojeh Avanesian, “Tablets continue to grow in popularity as a top holiday gift, especially with the emergence of lower priced tablets in the $200 to $300 price range targeting budget-conscience consumers.¬†We expect to see a lot of shopping activity in the tablet category again this holiday season, with retailer’s battling it out to win the consumer dollar.”

Source: PriceGrabber

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