Apple’s Ad For The New iPad: Speaks Only About Screen

Apple has released the first ad about the tablet that it just released, called the new iPad. Whereas the name itself is a put-off, nonetheless, the new iPad has a lot of mouth-watering specs. Of them all, the ad that has been released chooses to concentrate specifically on the screen and the beauty of a high-density Retina display.

Some analysts have criticized that rather than detailing out the other awesome features in the new iPad, which are aplenty by all means, the ad spends most of it’s time on telling how awesome the screen is. There is only so much you can tell one about the beauty of a screen. I mean yes, the display of the new iPad is something we haven’t seen in another tablet yet and the high-density Retina display is a treat indeed but whereas you can dedicate hours to describing a feature without boring others, a display is not of them. One may talk about Siri for an hour or so and it may still be interesting but to talk about Retina Display only be pretty boring.

The ad has been posted below. Enjoy yourself with the first ad about the new iPad.

[ttjad keyword=”ipad”]

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