Apple’s New iPad Doesn’t Support Face Time Over 4G LTE

One of the most touted features of Apple’s new iPad is the support it carries for 4G LTE connectivity. In comparison to the currently prevalent 3G, 4G offers lot better data transfer rates and is a huge step forward in terms of wireless connectivity. However, now it has been reported that the new iPad will not be supporting Face Time over 4G, something which can disgruntle a lot of users who regularly wish to video chat.

Earlier, the support for Face Time wasn’t extended over 3G either when Apple launched iOS 4 in 2010. Face Time could then be used only over Wi-Fi and so is the case even with this new iPad. Of course this restriction could be circumvented by jailbreaking an iOS device. A number of tools are available which can accomplish this, such as FaceBreak and 3G unrestrictor.

A lot of users have been hoping finally with the 4G LTE support in the new iPad, Apple will allow the users to use Face Time feature on their new tablets and new high-speed connection. But it seems that Apple doesn’t seem to agree. However, one other way to use Face Time with the help of the new iPad could be to establish a Wi-Fi hotspot on the tablet, a new feature on the new iPad, and then use that hotspot to use Face Time on another device.

It is still unclear, however, that whether this limitation was slapped by Apple itself or one of the carriers since carriers have a huge interest in keeping this limitation intact so that the users don’t get to consume too much data.

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