ASUS Confirms GPS Dongle For Transformer Prime

This Friday, Asus has confirmed that they are working to release a GPS dongle for Transformer Prime owners. The GPS dongle will help to fix some of the tablet’s positioning woes. Asus is expected to officially announce the product on April 16 and from that time, the tablet owners will register on Asus’ Web site.

ASUS Transformer Prime

According to AllThingsD, Asus has cofirmed that the rumors around a GPS dongle for Transformer Prime are true. The source also confirmed that the delivery time will be starting within a couple of weeks from the moment of the registration. Although, the delivery time is not optimum, some rumors claim that the free of charge offer will compensate for the delay. However, there is also a confusion whether or not the accessory will be offered free of charge, because some sources are renouncing the latter claim. As for the users, they will have to wait till April 16 to find the real deal!

Source: AllThingsd

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