Asus Eee Pad Tablet Leaks

Asus waiting for release Eee Pad tablet with 8.9-inch display and the Eee Pad is stronger than iPad or Galaxy Tab……..

Asus Taiwan company soon will launch new Tablet PCs under the name EeePad, that may be tough competitors to Apple’s popular iPad, Galaxie TAB Samsung’s advanced – and a powerful Lfalieveok of RIM. The company first unveiled its board PCs Kompiotx conference held in May. It now appears ASUS has decided on another design direction: more small and portable computer. New details revealed about him internal company presentation shows that the new model, called EP90, equipped with a two core processor and may appeal even stronger private market and enterprises.

To EP90 has a 8.9-inch screen size – bigger than the Galaxy TAB Vahpalieveok Rim , but smaller than the iPad. The advantage is a more comfortable view of movies and other content, combined with light body (650 grams) is suitable as a carry-on baggage. Maximum screen resolution of 1024 by 600 pixels.Like its competitors, even to the EP90 will be a number of sub models, with different storage space – eight, 16 or 32 GB.However, all models also include 500 GB of storage on the company’s servers,online.Although dependent on access to files over a network connection, but it’s very convenient solution for users who want to save storage space on the computer itself.Under the hood of the computer was Tegra 2250 , two processor – core at 1 GHz – gives more power to the Galaxy TAB processors iPad.This will enable various demanding applications running – and better performance while multitasking.

ASUS’s presentation shows a number of key areas in which its board should focus on computers – multimedia consumption (games, movies, music and photos), business applications and reading digital books.  As an organizational tool for the EP90 will offer the ability to run office software – Microsoft’s Office suite, PDF reader and more structured. The new board will be computer-functioning e-book – based on applications and Aldiko Kindle, reading magazines and implementation of Zinio.

ASUS chose to install on a Webcam EP90 Sensor 0.3 Mega – pixel.The choice seems rather puzzling, since processing the EP90 supports cameras up to 12 mega pixels and all the competitors of Asus show Tabelttim with cameras of three and five mega – pixel.His array of ports and connections including USB jack, headphone jack HDMI.It also has an integrated card reader (MMC card, SD and SDHC). Will have cellular connectivity (third generation), Bluetooth 2.1 EDR GPS component.

ASUS will launch, apparently, two different models of its Tablet PC.May this year were computers EeePad sizes 10 and 12 inches, their design looks different than the EP90.Perhaps the purpose of the company is to offer Tabelttim different market segments and customers: There is a fundamental difference between a product that fits the child amateur games and Facebook and the director of information and communication needs enterprise platform.

Although Tablet PCs have proved themselves as workstations for consumption of multimedia content (thanks to Apple’s iPad) – but the business market demands, requiring other designs.ASUS was the first who understood the potential netbook category – when launched the EeePC, the first netbook.Launch several models of Tablet PCs, which will be designed to different clients may be the right strategy in the tablet.


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