B&H Lists Official Nexus 7 Dock, May Release On January 10

Are you a proud owner of a Nexus 7 tablet? Here’s a good news for you. An official dock for Nexus 7 might be on this way soon. The expected date of availability is January 10.

Nexus 7 dock

Online retailer B&H website shows a listing of a Nexus 7 official dock. The dock is nothing fancy, but an official accessory designed exclusively for a device is always welcome. The dock make use of nexus 7’s 3-pin connector for data transfer and charging. The dock also features a microUSB port and a 3.5mm audio port.

Google still hasn’t confirmed the existence of this dock. The B&H website also doesn’t use any definite wording about the availability date. That means, the dock might be delayed a bit. You can sign up at B&H to be notified when the dock arrive.

Source: B&H
Thanks to: Phandroid

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