BlackBerry PlayBook Gets Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin Browser has been known as one of the most favorite browser for Android users. The reason for its fame primarily has been that it was among the first Android mobile browsers to introduce multi-touch gestures. Now, the good news for Dolphin browser lovers is that Dolphin HD has arrived on BlackBerry PlayBook.

The availability of Dolphin browser is a result of the 2.0 software update on PlayBook. It is now available as a free app and with the help of this, a number of new browsing options are available to PlayBook users. One significant feature that Dolphin brings to the tablet is that of ‘Webzine’, a feature which aggregates pages into ad-free custom layout.

Dolphin on PlayBook performs pretty well and is nearly as fast as the default browser of the tablet. However, in a few cases, Dolphin was able to load a page faster than PlayBook’s default browser. Dolphin is also fairly stable but you may occasionally face an error message when using the Webzine feature.

One problem that you may face when using Dolphin on BlackBerry PlayBook is that the interface may feel a little heavy. Also, the menu options of the browser may feel a little problematic since the interface is originally designed for an Android tablet with a ‘back’ button on screen. When using ¬†PlayBook you will have to bring up the app toolbar to go back in the menu. One way to counter this problem is to get a left-to-right bezel swipe to exit the menus.

Image courtesy ETC.

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