CrystalRoc Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab is an awesome device, but its price point makes it affordable to many.The folks out at CrystalRoc would like desperately to introduce you–not to mention your wallet–to the Galaxy Tab, coated in a whopping 5,700 Swarovsky crystals,each and every one being hand-applied, as well as the custom Galaxy Tab logo, realized in Jet Hematite.

The Galaxy Tab logo is in Jet Hematite and could be custom ordered to fit the needs of a person with enough cash to burn. Expect the 380 gram weight to become heavier because of those 5,700 crystals.

The CrystalRoc Galaxy Tab will be available to purchase from Harrods in London on November 1, 2010. Luxury Launches were unable to offer up any pricing details, neither was the CrystalRoc website.


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