Galaxy Tab for $300

Verizon now offering 7-inch Galaxy Tab for $300 on a two-year contract and it is lowered as Motorola XOOM is launched……

Samsung Galaxy Tab has come onto the market originally for around $700.00 to buy the device outright and many providers did not give much in the ways of discount to give incentive to lock you into a multi-year contract. Verizon is mixing it up in the USA so you can get the current generation best iPad alternative for only $300 on a 2 year contract. This is the first time pricing for the Android 2.2 Froyo clad Galaxy Tab has been sliced at Verizon, but the Tab has been experiencing such cuts for months on other carriers. However with the new cut in contract pricing by Verizon they still don’t offer the lowest price, T-Mobile offers the Tab for $249.99 (w/ $50.00 mail-in-rebate) with a 2 year contract. In off-contract pricing Verizon does offer the same prices for the Tab at $499.99 as other major carriers.The 7-inch Galaxy Tab is available for $300 at Verizon site.,

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