Google NEXUS Android 3.0 Tablet Coming

Google NEXUS tablet with android 3.0 to be made by LG and android 2.0 tablets won’t upgrade to android 3.0.Google will finally tweak  it’s Android up to par to be able  compete with iOS and working on it’s own branded tablet, which is scheduled for release sometime in mid-summer or early fall………


LG Electronics made a new agreement with Google to produce the first Nexus Tablet that will run on Android 3.0 Honeycomb for release mid-Summer or early Fall, according to new discoveries posted by editors over at is the only manufacturer to agree to Google terms for making their branded products. The agreement we can assume includes conditions like no customizations outside of those sanctioned by Google to Android 3.0 and the tablets have to get the most current updates released by Google, according to source.Google Nexus Tablet will be an official showcase for Android 3.0 in much the same was as the Google Nexus One and Nexus S have been for the smartphone Android OS. This time, however, it’ll be LG that sees the benefits of working with the big G rather than HTC or Samsung.


Now the tablet hasn’t been confirmed by LG or Google but this wouldn’t be the first time Google has contracted a top device maker to create a Google branded device, the Nexus One and Nexus S Smartphone’s have all been offered in recent years. In both those handsets case they came with zero manufacturer customizations and they each get the most current Android updates whenever they are released by Google.LG already has an Android 3.0 tablet in the works the Optimus Pad, but this would be a reference device that would receive OS updates first, much like the aforementioned Android smartphones. Apparently only LG would agree to Google’s terms.If this device does launch or at least get announced this Summer it would be interesting to see if LG keeps 3D alive in the Google branded device. Also it would be interesting to see what kind of special Google touches the device could get. It’s worth noting that Google has been rumored to be working on their own self-branded tablet since last year.



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