How to change the Archos 7 Home Tablet

Given the Archos 7 Home Tablet has been lurking around on Amazon since the beginning of April, it comes as no surprise to hear the French company officially announcing it; still, we’ll happily accept a firm shipping date.As the name suggests, Archos aren’t expecting owners to drop the Archos 7 Home Tablet into their bags and tote it around the local Starbucks. Instead it’s intended as a domestic tablet, with the ability to cope with up to 720p HD video files (though it only has an 800 x 480 resistive touchscreen), WiFi and internet access…….

Archos has been a player in the PMP market for a few centuries now (a rough estimate, anyway), and to say that the universe was jazzed at the mere thought of a 7-inch tablet for under $200 would be understating things dramatically.

We found more things wrong with the Archos 7 Home Tablet than we could’ve ever imagined going in, but still, for under two C-notes, we have to believe that a few of you flipped on the blinders and made the purchase anyway. For those in that camp, we’re interesting to find how you feel about it now.

Is the size right? Is the OS as impressive as you thought it would be? Are you longing for a larger display? Imagine you had the keys to Archos’ design lab and had the power to overhaul this bad boy, then have a sip of your favorite fruit juice and drop your thoughts in comments below. In that order, por favor.


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  1. Niggerbitch

    youre a fucking ass hole

  2. Strongbrad

    I’d like to be able to have the new android OS on this device…and a webcam would be nice instead of a teaser space for one. Also wish it could take regular SD cards instead of micro. While I’m at it this sure would be nice if it had a built in accelerometer.

  3. Brian

    Linux would have been the perfect OS… (Mint). Of not, this Archos not a useful tool… Hey, some might think it is. Oh, and the touch screen… not the best.

  4. Kd4kmz

    Worse device I have ever used a boat anker, you can by a galaxy phone almost as cheap with open android W

  5. Andy

    i am not going to lie i like this tablet. i got it for 149.00 dollars, had to modify if a little but it really like this

  6. Jesselbrwn

    Accidentally changed the language. Now can’t get back to english. Don’t know how to reset device to default factory settings.

  7. Jesse Brown

    I did not find a way to change the language on my Archos7 home tablet. I also could not find a way to reset the device to factory settings. I got lucky. Whatever the language was it had on it, I kept going to the settings and kept clicking on the different icons. (had nothing to lose). One icon came up that looked like it said format. I clicked on it and clicked on what looked like OK twice. The device reset itself to factory defaults, and back to english. I would advise any one who buys one of these to never touch the language settings unless they don’t speak english.

  8. Iraqsdabomb

    This tablet doesn’t actually find it’s usefulness until your warranty voids either by choice or time. Once that time frame is up, Root the sucker. The 7 home has been out long enough for some really good roots to come out and from what most forums say they have never seen one bricked (although all warn that it is a possibility), I rooted mine the day after I got it and I use several programs to do some fun things. One super useful trick is the Remote Desktop client. Other cool programs are media controllers that turn the archos into the coolest remote control ever. there are also fixed to the speed of the touch screen. Basically this is a cool device but you have to get better software otherwise it is being caged.

  9. Drummerboyn12

    small hole in back….BOTTOM RIGHT

  10. Williamjayde30

    Hey Iraqsdabomb how did u root the archos 7 , just got one today and would like a better system on it ?
    can u help i have look all over you to find out what to do to get it rooed but no luck.

  11. Gjwientjens

    @Williamjayde30: Got an answer yet? Or @
    Iraqsdabomb: I’m intererested too: Flash 10 an so on isn’t working. No updates & Adlib is not functioning right… My impression: not (updated) service from Archos 7 home tablet, what could be expected!

  12. Greg Copher

    Bluetooth, standard USB ports (at least 1) made it upgradable to newer android firmwares…Archos just has way too much control to keep anyone from upgrades that would keep it from becoming obsolete so fast….made it more universal instead of making 3 different types of 7 ” tablets.

  13. Tecter100

    Hey there!
    Just subscribed to your Newsletter, Thanks
    1 question tho, I am seriously considering buying an Archos 7 8GB.
    I understand it has potential, IF upgraded to a modern OS.
    Where can I get info to do so, before I purchase?
    Don’t wanna waste my $$, Complexity of upgrade is not an issue, just need to know where to find info.


  14. Rainbowsun2

    Bought the archos7 320GB home tablet a couple of years back. Once the warranty expired I started experiencing huge problems with it. ie the battery continued to drain even though the system was switched off and it wasnt because It needed a new battery, a lot of the applications didnt all work and kept throwing the system into freeze mode,sound quality poor, etc.I  sent it to Archos for repair who gave the impression they didnt want to repair it but offered me 20% of a new purchase. Uhhh? considering this system isnt cheap to begin with I thought it was an insult. Customer service was non existent and when you do get through theyre not at all helpful. I wouldnt recommend anyone purchase an Archos, they just dont have what it takes to play with the big boys. They just give the impression that they do. Its the same as buying from a boot sale. Only more expensive. Well at least you would know what to expect from a boot sale.

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