HTC Hoping To Succeed In Tablet Market Through a Quad-core Tablet

HTC has decided to launch yet another tablet, hopefully during the Mobile World Congress 2012. HTC launched two tablets earlier which were a failure in the tablet market. However, HTC is hopeful this time with the Nvidia quad-core CPU, adding some extra power to it’s next release. 

HTC has decided a  come-back in the lucrative Tablet market with a new Quad-core Tablet. The Tablet is scheduled to be released during the Mobile World Congress in February 2012.

Past failures:
HTC has released two tablets in the past, both of which didn’t make any significant impact on the tablet market. One of them was HTC Flyer. Flyer came with a digital pen and had a smooth functionality but it experienced no major sales. Even a huge drop in it’s price couldn’t boast the sales. The next instalment was Jetstream for AT&T. One of the main reasons for Jetstream’s failure was it’s price tag which was a whooping $699 (inclusive of a two year contract). Users can buy Apple iPad, which looks better and sleeker and comes with a number of cool Apps, within the same price range, so again Apple iPad beat Jetstream in the Tablet market.

Quad-core geared up for the competition:
The latest tablet instalment by HTC will be equipped with a quad-core CPU by Nvidia. HTC is hoping that with such superior processing power and speed, the tablet customers will be drawn to it’s new product. And it’s a fact that this tablet will be superiors to it’s other counterparts in terms of processor power which means more efficient functioning. But the question is, are the tablet customers even concerned about processor power? If yes, then HTC quad-core definitely runs a good chance for a win.

Image Courtesy mobilyazilar and xioubin low.

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