i-Station Z3D 3D Android tablet

i-Station launch it’s new Android tablet with 3D named Z3D.The tablet is with Android 2.1 OS and the glass of this tablet is 3D….

In an industry obsessed with 3D as a means of boosting sales, somebody was bound to introduce a 3D tablet that requires glasses (polarized, no doubt). While other companies like Sharp have 3D tablet ambitions designed around its glassesless parallax barrier display technology, Korea’s i-Station has bolted from the gate with a 7-inch (800×480) Z3D 3D tablet featuring the Android 2.1 OS, 802.11b/g WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0, FM radio, 5000mAh high capacity battery, DMB television, either 32GB or 64GB or storage (depending upon model), and 1080p video support.

And really, what could be more convenient than carrying around an extra pair of glasses just for viewing 3D content? A stylus perhaps? One can only hope. Of course, i-Station has plenty of tablet options to choose from including the similarly spec’d “i-Station Dude” and miniature “Buddy,” all pictured above just for you pal. Expect the Z3D to launch in November for KRW600,000 or right around $500.

Source :engadget.com

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