Intel Plans To Disrupt Market With $100 Tablets

Intel has long been lambasted as a company which wasn’t able to make a smooth transition to the era of mobile computing. However, the chip maker has been hard at work and may soon be able to disrupt the tablet market by launching a barrage of $100 Intel tablets.


We have been hearing for a while that Intel is preparing such chips which will revolutionize the tablet market. At the same time, reports suggest, the company is hard at work in attempting to create such tablets which fall within the price range of $100.

These tablets will be launched by Intel later this year, if sources are to be trusted. The company will unveil them during the holiday season, which is the ripe occasion to launch new tech products. These $100 tablets will pack 7-inch displays and their specifications will not exactly be top-end.

But then again, Intel will be aiming at targeting the emerging markets by dishing out these tablets. Even if they carry mediocre specs, they will be able to entice sufficient users with the exceptionally low price tags. However, this plan will hinge heavily upon a good collection of apps that could be used on these tablets.

Moreover, the apps that could be used on these tablets should deliver a quality user experience. If they turn out to be average, just like the many odd Android tablets that are available, courtesy countless Chinese vendors, Intel may not be able to gain much traction. Either way, we will get to see exactly what the company has to offer come winter this year.

Courtesy: BGR

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