Samsung’s New Galaxy Tablet Will Feature Intel Chips

Over the recent years, Intel has tried hard to find itself a sizable space in the tablet market. However, not many notable vendors have used Intel chips in their smartphones or tablets. Now, though, the chip-maker seems to have landed a fine deal with Samsung, with reports citing that the latter’s upcoming Galaxy tablet may feature an Intel processor.


If these reports indeed prove true, and Samsung decides to include Intel chips in its new Galaxy tablet offerings, this would essentially mean that chip-maker is finally a part of the mainstream mobile arena.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tablet 10.1 is considered a direct competitor to Apple’s iPad, and the former hopes to release a number of new models in the line-up this year. These models will be released under the umbrella model title Galaxy Tab 3.  So far, it is being reported that at least one of these tablets will feature an Intel Clover Trail+ mobile chip.

If this eventually turns out to be true, these are very encouraging signs for Intel. The company has been trying desperately to gain a foothold in the mobile market and this may be just the chance it needed. The new Intel CEO, who recently joined the company, has vowed to make Intel processors mainstream in the mobile arena.

To that end, Intel is also working on a whole range of new chips. As far as the announced features go, these chips are very impressive and may sway the mobile market in favor of company.

Courtesy: Reuters

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