iPad 3 Launch Event Will Be In First Week Of March

A lot of rumors and speculations have surrounded the features as well as the release date of iPad 3. Earlier a number of rumors had placed the official launch event of iPad 3 in March and now All Things D has claimed that the event will be in the first week of March. With the same launch date being cited by so many diverse sources, it does seem that after all, the much-anticipated iPad 3 may be finally shown to the world in the first week of March.

Another vital question that is doing it’s round is that if indeed the launch event of iPad 3 is in March’s first week, when will the device itself be available for purchase? Analysts are saying that once the launch event has occurred, the device can be expected to hit the shelves within two weeks.

Their is no official word from Apple about the specs of the upcoming tablet. But nearly all analysts agree that iPad 3 will feature an excellent 2048*1536 Retina display. The rumors also have it that the processor of the device will be much faster than that of iPad 2 but there is no word on whether Apple will move beyond the current number of cores.

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