Nvidia Announces Tegra 3 Powered Tablet Running on Windows 8

For the enthusiastic tech fans waiting for news about the next generation gadgets, this year’s edition of Consumer Electronics Show that takes place these days in downtown Las Vegas has attracted all the attention. Among many intriguing announcements, the giant chipset maker Nvidia managed to take the stage with today’s press conference.

The company, famous among the diehard gamers for the GeForece graphic processors, showed how a tablet that integrates Nvidia’s new Tegra 3 processor can run Microsoft’s Windows 8. The brand new Tegra 3 uses ARM architecture, a type of processors that Microsoft announced of relying its latest platform. After today’s announcements industry observers already suggest that Intel and its x86 chipset architecture might lose the domination in this market.

Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia CEO, hosted the press conference as expected and revealed the capabilities of a Tegra 3 powered tablet by playing first shooter 3D games. Nvidia’s press conference also revealed the new company owned technologies, “Prism” allowing tablets to reduce their backlit power without displaying dimmed images and “Direct Touch” technology that triples the number of touch events a tablet can process in a second.

Also, Nvidia and Asus made quite a splash when announcing Asus Transformer Prime, the first tablet running on the latest Android, Ice Cream Sandwich. The Transformer Prime has a 7 inch display and is powered by quad core processor.


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