iPad Still Functional After Falling From 100,000 Feet

G-Form is a company that is known to make some of the strongest, most durable cases for electronics. In it’s latest stunt, the company has released a video which demonstrates the strength of one of it’s iPad cases called 6oz Extreme Edge case. In the video, iPad is made to fall from a height of 100,000 feet. And miraculously, it still works after the fall!!

Check the Video Below

In the video, iPad is tied to a weather balloon with camera. The balloon carries iPad to a height of 100,000 feet. One can see the steady rise of iPad with the balloon in the video through the recording of the attached camera.

Once iPad reaches the stated height, the balloon bursts and iPad comes zooming down through the air. It crashed squarely on a rubble stones and hard ground, a very rugged terrain indeed. However, miraculously, the iPad still works when it is checked. I don’t know how often your iPad drops from that kinds of heights but for my part, I would surely want this case to insure my devices against infinite falls they experience everyday!

Video courtesy GFormLLC.

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