iPad Trade-Ins Have Doubled From 2012, Thanks To iPad Air

Apple‘s new iPad Air is unique in many ways. Not only is it a standard-sized iPad with a new design, it is also thinner and lighter, making it an ideal choice for many tablet users. This may explain why many companies are reporting that they are witnessing more than a 100% rise in the trade-ins of older iPads in favor of the new slate.

iPad Air

In the past, Apple has released newer versions of its standard-sized iPad but most of these have followed a set design language. The new iPad Air is a departure from the older design philosophy and takes a chapter out of the looks of relatively recent iPad Mini.

According to companies like Gazelle and Nextworth, the trade-in quotes from iPad users have shot up significantly since the release of iPad Air. Gazelle, for instance, has reported that the trade-in quotes from iPad users have bumped up 130%, compared to the numbers in 2012. Similarly, Nextworth has registered an uptick of 127%.

The success of iPad Air is further substantiated by the fact that both companies have revealed the new slate to be the key reason why a greater number of users are opting for trade-ins. Among the iPads being traded in, the greatest number is that of the third-generation iPad. During the last one month, of the total trade-in quotes that Gazelle has received, 31% are about the third-gen iPad. When it comes to Nextworth, this number is up to 35%.

Interestingly, not many iPad Mini users have opted for a trade-in yet. This can be explained by the fact that Apple is yet to make the new iPad Mini slate with Retina display available.

Courtesy: Ubergizmo

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