KAIST Smart Ebook System – New Ways Of Turning Digital Pages

Digital books are already quite common among users around the world. Now as Apple had jumped the bandwagon with an innovation of it’s own, digital textbooks, this trend will only increase manifold in the coming days. However, users do complain that digital books don’t feel like as ‘real’ as actual books are. Well, KAIST has developed a Smart Ebook System which introduces some very interesting page-turning gestures. These gestures make reading digital books very much like reading paper books.

The demo that has been provided by KAIST demonstrated the use of this new technology on iPad. KAIST enables to interact with the book in a very real manner. For example, you can flip multiple pages, or flip one page a little, hold it, and then flip multiple pages with other fingers. You can swap across the screen with one finger to flip one page, with two fingers to swap two pages and three and four fingers to flip three and four pages respectively.

Moreover, when you flip just by touching your fingers and swapping, one page flips. If you keep your finger on the screen for sometime and then swap, more pages are flipped. The longer your finger stays on the screen before swapping, the more pages are flipped. These and a number of other really smart and useful gestures are part of this technology.

KAIST has already filed 11 patents and is planning to launch a few more. So we can hope that KAIST may integrate this technology in textbook-reading mechanism in the coming days. Analysts state that some of the features resembles those offered in Apple’s API, so to come on Apple Store, KAIST may have to tweak some bits of them.

Image courtesy goXunuReviews

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