Kindle Fire Experience Wi-Fi Problems

It’s been less than a month since Kindle Fire was released into the tablet market which it took by storm, literally. So far, the reviews have been very encouraging on the nifty, economic device. But according to some reports, Fire users are experiencing problems with their wi-fi connection on the tablet.

Wi-fi connectivity issues:
The wi-fi connectivity issues are quite diverse and a number of users are experiencing them. They range from not being able to detect the wireless network to being able to detect the network but not being able to connect to it to being able to connect to a network but unable to surf the internet. Amazon’s Kindle Fire forums are replete with user feedback over this.

A user posted on the forum, “Have just opened Kindle Fire. Can connect to wifi but no internet. All other wireless devices in home are working fine connecting to internet. Signal is strong.” Another stated, “My Kindle Fire is not connecting to my network either. It recognizes my router but once I enter the security key it attempts to connect and fails.” Of course if the problem persists, this can fast diminish Kindle Fire’s brand-following which is only building up right now.

However, it seems the problem is not very extensive and not a very large number of users are facing it. Amazon hasn’t officially acknowledged it yet but the update 6.1 on Kindle Fire that it released did resolve the problem for many users. Some users are still disgruntled, though, because the problem still persists. Amazon has hinted that it may resolve ‘operational issues’ of Kindle Fire in the next update. Perhaps that’s a subtle allusion to the wi-fi connectivity problem.

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