Majority Thinks Taking Photos/Video With iPad Mini Is Socially Acceptable

Taking photos and capturing videos on mobile devices is fast becoming a norm, with millions of users tooling these devices. However, is it really socially acceptable to grab photos with devices which are clumsily large for such tasks? Apparently, a majority of online readers think that yes, it is.

iPad mini

This question first raised its head after Apple launched iPad mini. A user on Reddit asked whether or not it is socially acceptable to publicly take photos or shoot videos with Apple’s new mini tablet.

Based on that, 9to5Mac launched its own poll, asking users how appropriate it was to use iPad mini for such tasks. Although it may feel a little clumsy to hold the 7.9-inch tablet and try to take a photo with it, a majority of those who took the poll(about 50%) tend to think that it is socially acceptable, anywhere.

However, another significant portion of the pollsters don’t agree with this. Nearly 34% users have opined that it may be okay to use the mini tablet for photos and videos in the privacy of one’s home but not so in public places.

Interestingly, 14% users tend to think more aesthetically as they went for the option that the device must never be used for such tasks. Their reasons may be varying and many, but the most probable one is that it looks odd to hold out such a large device for snapping photos. It is okay to snap photos with, say, 5-inch smartphones but beyond that, it is more of a hassle than convenience.

Source: 9to5mac

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