Make Your iPad 2 A Wingman For Your iMac With HoverBar Adjustable Arm

Just imagine your iPad 2 floating right next to your iMac. With HoverBar Adjustable Arm, this is quite possible. HoverBar adjustable arm is a steel arm that lets you clamp your iPad 2 to an iMac or any display. At one end, the arm clips to the display and at the other end, it clamps to the iPad 2. Being an L-shaped arm, it allows you to hover the iPad right next to iMac or even on top of it. It can also be used to hover the iPad 2 over a desk or any other solid surface which is one-inch thick.

The HoverBar adjustable arm is a black, heavy-gauge, steel arm which can be used to hover the iPad 2 right next to your iMac, on top of it or at a position near it which you find ideal. It is very strong and has a solid metal, silicon-lined clamp, so you don’t have to worry about any damage being done to either of your device.

Moreover, the clamp of this arm leaves absolutely no marks, so you don’t have to worry about the after-effects either. The ball-mounted iPad 2 display clip can be rotated at will to find the desire position where you want to view you tablet.

The best part is that the clip does not specifically require an iMac or another device to hold on to. It can easily clasp on any surface that is one-inch thick. This necessarily means that you can clip it up to your kitchen cabinet or your own desk and use your tablet mid-air. That, definitely, is wicked cool! For now, the accessory is available for $79.99. You can head on to the official site to purchase it right away!

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