Microsoft Compares Windows Tablets With iPad

Comparisons with Apple products and criticizing them have long been a part of Microsoft’s marketing and advertising strategy. The company conventionally compares its product with those of Apple, ruling that its products are certainly better. In the same streak, Microsoft has launched a new page comparing Windows tablets to Apple’s iPad.


The new page on Microsoft’s official website aims to convince the common consumers that Windows tablets are far better than Apple’s slates. Microsoft has handpicked Asus VivoTab Smart, Dell XPS 10 and HP Envy x2 as the primary examples of great Windows 8 tablets.

When it comes to RT slates, Windows has pitched its own Surface RT tablets. The company claims that these tablets are far better than Apple’s iPad line-up in terms of battery life, software and physical dimensions.

In most cases, Microsoft is indeed right in pointing out that the Windows 8 slates outdo Apple’s iPad. The company is also quick to note that its tablets offer Microsoft Office tools, something which is sorely missed on iPad. Although Apple has an alternative offering, that of OneNote, many iOS customers still want to get their hands on Microsoft Office.

Microsoft certainly glosses over the drawbacks of using a Windows 8 slate over using an iPad. But then again, what else can we expect from a focused marketing campaign which the company has apparently launched to bolster the appeal, and sales, of Windows 8 tablets.

Source: Microsoft

Courtesy: The Verge

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