New Sony e-Reader

The next genaration e-reader is shown to IFA by Sony.Sony launched new reader Pocket Edition,reader Touch Edition and wireless reader Daily Edition….

Sony knows that the ebook market is here to stay, which is why the company has rolled out new Digital Readers to the masses recently, where the models would include the new Reader Pocket Edition, Reader Touch Edition and, in only the US for the moment, the wireless Reader Daily Edition. All three of them will be chock full of the latest technology and design enhancements which makes them ideal for just about any reader’s lifestyle.

Expect aluminum to be the in thing where construction material is concerned for gizmos these days, as the new Reader models will boast elegant aluminum designs and all new, highly responsive touch screens. Not only that, Sony will also back up hardware with software, having announced development of a set of applications for iPhone and the Android Marketplace which will be able to extend the Readers experience via a variety of portable devices.

Each generation ought to see improvement, which is why Sony has reduced the size and weight in this restyle. All three models will now come with improved, optical touch screen technology that was specially designed for digital reading. This new first-to-market technology will help enhance the ease of use and increases reading clarity, enveloping the reader in an immersive reading experience.

All it takes is the lightest swipe of a finger or stylus pen to jump into the world of the author’s fantasy and imagination. Apart from that, the three models will use E Ink Pearl electronic paper displays that are capable of duplicating a paper-like display which can be read comfortably even under direct sunlight. The screens deliver a high contrast ratio with 16 levels of grayscale, where all text and images remain crisp and easy to read.

The Reader Pocket Edition will come with a five-inch, full touch screen in silver and pink colors, aided by 2GB internal memory and wil retail for $179. As for the Reader Touch Edition, this 6-inch device will also have 2GB of internal memory that can be further augmented via dual expansion slots for up to 32GB of additional memory, while doubling up as a portable audio player with MP3 and AAC playback capability. It will retail for $229 and will come in black or red colors. Last but not least would be the Reader Daily Edition which will feature Wi-Fi connectivity to Sony’s Reader Store, 2 GB of internal memory and expansion slots, all going for $299 in a silver shade.


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