Non-Microsoft Retailers May Get Surface Tablets Soon

Microsoft has been pushing the Surface tablets through its own retail and online stores until now. The company may make its tablets available with other vendors too, a source close to the matter has claimed.

Microsoft Surface

According to this source, Microsoft has chalked up a two-phase strategy to push out its tablets to other retailers. In the first phase, the company is going to make its tablets available in such countries where Microsoft’s own retail stores do not exist. This would essentially encompass a number of European and Asian markets.

This first phase is going to be launched soon. In fact, the source claims that Surface tablets would be available with non-Microsoft retailers before the end of this year.

The second phase will comprise of expanding the distribution of Surface tablets and making them available with many of the major retailers, including the likes of Best Buy. The tablets that Microsoft will make available with these retailers include the Surface Pro and Surface RT slates.

It is interesting to note that Microsoft didn’t immediately make the tablets available with other retailers, apparently in an attempt to cash on the initial sales without sharing them with others. This new strategy may also be an indicator that the Surface sales have significantly slowed by now, which is why the company may be trying to reinvigorate them by expanding the availability of the tablets.

Courtesy: ZDNet

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