Office Depot Leaks New Nexus 7 16GB Price. It’s Just $200!

The Android event scheduled to be held today may have been cancelled due to hurricane Sandy, but some leaked news has already given a sneak peek of what is coming. Office Depot stores across the U.S. have started showcasing Nexus 7 16GB and 32GB versions with renewed pricing.

We have already seen Nexus 7 32GB tablet PC being delivered to customers at the price of 16GB. Leaked pricing details of Nexus 7 32GB model have also confirmed that the tablet would be sold for $250.

Back then we predicted, Nexus 7 16GB would replace the Nexus 7 8GB model. Now, it seems we were right. Office Depot store across the U.S. has rolled out the Nexus 7 devices with revised pricing. The Nexus 7 16GB is listed at $200. See for yourself, in the below image.

New Nexus 7 price

Source: Gizmodo

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