Pandigital’s 9-inch Novel eReader Tablet Now Selling On

New 9″ Pandigital Novel now selling on,though it’s more expensive than originally expected.It was said from the company that the 9-inch color LCD touchscreen Novel would be $199.99, but the retailer is listing it for $213.80.This is the larger sibling of the black 7″ Novel Android tablet.

Vlad Savov from Engadget had hoped that Pandigital would have made a number of improvements, but sadly that is not the case.

Looking over the specs on the QVC website we can see that the new Novel tablet comes with 2GB of storage and a 4GB microSD, as well as Wi-Fi. However, it is not known what version of Google Android the new device is running.

The price that you will pay for the Pandigital 9-inch Novel eReader is $214, compared to the $180 price tag for the 7-inch version.


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