Parallels Access Brings Mac And PC Apps To iPad

In the past, Parallels has developed tools which would allow Mac users to run Windows on their machines. Now, the company has taken a step forward, into the mobile arena. Parallels Access essentially lets iPad users run Mac and PC apps atop their tablet.

Parallels Access

However, one thing that will be immediately notable about this new app from Parallels is that it costs a whopping $79.99 for one-year subscription. The company, on the other hand, is very confident that the technology it has developed is indeed worth the money.

According to Parallels, the Access app essentially lets you run PC and Mac apps as if they were made for the iPad. The experience is perfectly native, the company claims. To kickstart the app into action, simply download a client for your desktop and install the app on your iPad.

What Access essentially does is get up the apps from your desktop, group them together in an organized manner and then present this clean interface on your iPad. As soon as you open any of these apps, they are displayed in the full-screen view which helps you work on it with ease, much like your regular desktop.

The company has added many excellent enhancements to the app so that even if your touchscreen taps are off-mark, the app lets you select the exact target within seconds. The app delivers in terms of functionality, portability of apps and their touch-responsiveness. Although the app may appear a tad bit too costly and may eventually become limited to corporate sector alone, it is still worth a shot, especially with its 14-day free trial.

Source: Parallel Access

Courtesy: Cult of Mac

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