Samsung Galaxy Tab’s starting Specs

Samsung Galaxy Tab’s starting It’s specs and the details are starting to appear…

Samsung still hasn’t put an official price tag on its much-hyped Galaxy Tab 7 inch Android tablet. But we’re starting to hear reports that you’ll be able to pick up the tablet from wireless carriers in the US and Europe.O2 Germany posted a message on Twitter saying that the telecom would offer the tablet for €99 starting in October, but you’ll have to sign up for a €27.50 per month plan to get that price. There’s no word on what an unsubsidized Galaxy Tab will cost.

In the US, Boy Genius Report says that the tablet will be coming to Sprint in November. There’s no word on pricing, but if BGR’s information is correct, the tablet could support both 3G and 4G mobile broadband. But at this point, there’s no official word from Sprint, so I’ll put this one in the rumor category.


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